4 Premiere Pro Features To Organize Your Project

Organize your Premiere Pro project with such useful features as bin structure, search bins, clip labels and timeline presets.

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When you’re organized with your Premiere Project, you can focus your energy on the most important aspect of video editing – the juxtaposition of images and managing the tempo.

If you’re not – you’ll be fighting with the software over and over again. I hope that I don’t need to convince you, that organization features are crucial to edit efficiently. Let’s talk about 4 Premiere Pro features that will make your life easier down the road.


#1: Bin structure


First things first. Structure of your content should be consistent and repetitive. It should be sorted the same way every time. It’s best to use bins to categorize your assets.

You can create first level structure by adding numeric value as a prefix of the name. For example, create ‘01_FOOTAGE’ bin, ‘02_AUDIO’ bin and so on. Then inside these bins create the structure that suits best for most of your project. For example inside footage bin, you can create ‘full resolution fines’ bin, ‘proxy files’ bin, and ‘stock footage’ bin.

Once you set up the bin structure, make the file your template project you start a new project with. This way you don’t have to repeat these steps.

Also, you can further organize your Project panel by renaming clips in Premiere Pro. It helps to read the timeline, though you need to be sure it will not interfere with your workflow for that project.

#2: Search bins

Search bins are based on search criteria you provide. The best thing about it – they’re dynamic. It updates itself in real time. Of given property changes clip will be automatically added or deleted from the search bin. Premiere Pro refreshes this kind of bins instantly.

You can also include search bins in your Template Premiere Pro Project file. For example, if you like to have slow-mo footage in a separate bin but you don’t have it structured on the hard drive, using search bins will be the best option. You can read more about that topic here.



#3: Labels

You can use labels to color code your projects and your timelines. The way you implement it in your workflow depend on your creativity. You can label the type of footage, the angle of the shot. You’re basically assign given color to a type of information it will provide from now on.


Here’s the video where I go in depth about using labels in Premiere Pro. Be sure to check it out.  These 8 tips will power up your editing game.

#4: Timeline presets

The last feature we’re gonna talk about is creating timeline presets. You can customize your video and audio tracks any way you want and then save it as a timeline preset.

This way, your first two tracks can be called for example ‘Cam A’ and ‘Cam B’, third one ‘Broll’, fourth one ‘motion graphics’ and so on. You can set the height of each track and it will be part of the preset as well. The same holds true with Audio tracks. You can even specify if the audio track is muted or not.

Setting up the template will help you organize clips on the timeline and will allow you and others to read your project faster. Here’s the video where Jason Boone talks about setting it up.  You can save few timeline presets and switch between them if needed.  


So organizing in editing comes down to categorizing assets and managing then on the timeline. For the first one, bins and search bins will work wonderfully. For the second one, labeling and managing timeline presets will do the job.

I really hope you find it useful and that you’ll implement it in your workflow. Maybe you’ll do it when working on your Demo Reel?  Also, check out this article on explainer videos by Yans Media. This is a great way to clearly explain and promote your business.

Let us know down in the comments which feature will work best for you!

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