How to Sync Audio and Video in Premiere Pro

Learn how to synchronize multiple audio and video clips in Premiere Pro using it's automated merging features.

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Synchronization of audio is a very important process of post-production since on most sets, audio and video are recorded separately. Premiere Pro CC allows you to sync multiple audio clips based on audio itself. There are other methods, as we’ll see in the moment, but this one seems to be the fastest. And if you’re Director of Photography, you don’t have to worry about the clapper.

First, it’s worth mentioning that you can sync either in Project Panel or on the Timeline. So depending on your workflow, choose the method that works best for you.

Merging Clips

We can merge clips in Project Panel before taking it to the timeline. You can select one video clip and one or more audio clips for that purpose. When you have the clips selected just right click selection and choose Merge Clips… from the listed options.

There you have synchronization options such as based on the In point, on the Out point, on matching timecode, on clip markers, and finally on audio.

When you choose that last option and click OK, Premiere Pro will merge the clips for you automatically and will create a new merged clip in Project Panel. Now you can drag it onto the timeline. It’ll have audio tracks synchronized.


Synchronization on the timeline

You have almost the same options if you’re synchronizing on the timeline. First, you select clips for that task and after right clicking on the selection, you choose Synchronize.

An almost identical window will appear. The difference is, that no additional merged clip will be created. Batch audio sync in Premiere Pro has never been easier!


One last thing worth mentioning.

That Premiere Pro option is great, but if you have a bunch of clips to be synchronized, you want to select all your footage and let the program do the job, it will not be the best possible choice. It would be more efficient to use the tool that’s designed for that purpose. The best known is PluralEyes by Red Giant.

Sync by hand

You can sync manually if you’re on previous versions of Premiere or on different editing software. If the Slate was used, it’s best to sync based on the clapper sound. But if it was not, try synchronizing on popping sounds such as P or B. These are easiest one to sync by watching your subject lips. You just need to move audio clip until it aligns with the video clip. In the following tutorial, Premiere Gal talks about a very useful shortcut, which is ‘Alt + ,’ and ‘Alt + .’ – these will move selected clip one frame to the left or one to the right respectively.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice. For example with Slow-mo footage when no audio track is recorded. Then you have to sync by hand.

Sync based on numbered Marker

You can use clip markers for synchronization. If they’re numbered with the same name and there are clip markers on your selected clips, this option will be available to you.

It may be useful if you need to help Premiere to synchronize clips (for example audio sync is out of the question), but still want the software do the job (moving the clips on the timeline) for you.

I hope that Audio Sync in Premiere Pro will be an easy task for you now. Do you find these tips useful? Which is the new one to you? Let us know down in the comments!

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