Team Projects in Premiere Pro – Working with another editor

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Team Projects – a world of possibilities

Imagine the perfect solution for working with an assistant editor. What would it look like? Let me tell you how I see it.

  1. File sharing would have to be as easy as possible.
  2. I would be able to set up the project myself, take charge and decide either I want to keep new edit updates or not.
  3. I could give notes directly on the timeline.
  4. I could work on Motion Graphics in the same project file as the edit.
  5. I could lock the edit when it’s finished and export it in high quality.

There is a feature called Team Projects in Premiere Pro that was introduced in 2016.

Here’s Team Projects promo video from Adobe

It is available only for Creative Cloud for enterprise and Creative Cloud for teams. Unfortunately, if you’ve had a freelance license you cannot use it. Personally, this makes no sense to me. As a freelancer, you should have the access to edit for your client in the Team Project they have created. It’s something many freelancers would be interested in I believe. So Adobe, if you’re listening, please take it into consideration.

Let us check if Team Projects in Premiere Pro meet my expectations.


1. File Sharing

So how easy it is to share a file with your team working with team projects? Actually, there are three ways files can be shared:

– every member of the team has a local copy,

– working from a shared drive,

– using proxy files synchronized in creative cloud account (by the way, proxies are great but you need to remember that the Warp Stabilizer cannot work on proxy resolution files).

These are all good options and depending on the situation each one can be a winner. However, I’m most excited about the last one. Cause it’s the most diverse option. It allows you to share your footage with someone regardless of their location. And regardless of your location. You can be traveling and give access to recorded footage to your assistant editor as he cuts a rough cut of your demo reel.

To manage the way you share the files in your Team Project go to Edit – Team Project – Media Management.


2. Setting and managing the project

If you’re the Owner of the project (the one who created it), every change and every new timeline needs to be accepted by you. And that’s very good. Although you can encounter errors from time to time and things that need to be resolved. You still have a control on the project and that’s what I like.


You have complete control who’s that projects shared with and what are their roles. And you can even convert normal project to the team project!


3. Giving notes

You can give a comment to any change you want to send to the Owner. However, if you want to give notes as the Owner, the best available option for you is probably markers. So this area is still something I imagine could be done better. There are powerful collaboration tools like that I think Adobe should look up to it.


4. Motion Graphics

So actually when you create a Team Project it works for Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude. Without the need of creating a separate file for each program!

That keeps things nice and organized.  This can make working with Motion Graphic Artist easier and more efficient. Especially if he uses Adobe Stock And Library Panel in the workflow.


5. Finishing up and exporting

If you and the Owner of the project have created proxy files for your team members you can easily switch back to full resolutions files once all the editing, motion graphics and mixing are done. Even if you need a roundtrip to DaVinci Resolve, you can easily create an XML file once your edit is locked. So it works the way I’d expect it. Thumbs up!


If you need more information about this feature, you can find here 🙂

Will you give it a try? Which feature of Library panel is most exciting to you? Let us know down in the comments!




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