What Does THAT Mean?!

Decoding some of the most used video production terminology so you won't be lost the next time you're on set.

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If you have ever found yourself standing in the middle of a video production project, surrounded by videographer and production lingo- then you know the meaning of being lost.
Yes, we’ve all been there. Not necessarily just in a video production situation, but anywhere that is unfamiliar. Theres a secret “code” to any industry, practice or hobby. We’ve compiled a small list of what is commonly used in the middle of the video production process. 

1. A-Roll

Referring to everything your camera is pointed at for the primary reason of your film. If its an interview, then the interviewee would be considered A-Roll footage. Same goes for any important footage you capture.

2. B-Roll

This refers to secondary footage. This footage is just as important as the A-Roll, it delivers meaning to a sequence or disguises the elimination of content that you may not want in the film. Most of the time its used as cutaways, hiding zooms where B-Roll footage would come in handy until the zoom is complete, then cut back to your A-Roll footage for a smooth transition.

3. VNR (Video News Release)

This usually refers to handing over A and B-Roll footage to journalist. A-Roll is sometimes referred to as VNR (but not often). Another example of VNR is a video that is made to look like a news report, but in reality is created by a PR firm or advertising agency then delivered to newsrooms to be broadcasted to help steer public opinion. One of the more controversial ways of VNR.

4. IV (Interview)

Shorthanded term for Interview.

5. GV (General Video)

Alternative captured video to cutaway or “paint-over” interview footage.

6. Title Bar (Aston, lower-third)

Detailed bar used on an edit to give detail on who’s currently being interviewed or speaking.

7. Slate

A scene identifier placed in front of the main camera before beginning of a take, this is used to document exactly what take and at what point the camera is recording.

8. TVC (Television Comercial)

Commercial advertisement that’s played out on TV for brand promotion.

9. Viral

This ones pretty self explanatory- content created for the sole purpose (usually social media) to be shared on a peer to peer bases and to collect as many views as possible.

10. DoP (Director of Photography)

This persons job is to dictate all camera operations. This includes where they’re placed, what they pick up in addition to what lightings should be set up in order for the best shot.

11. DIT (Digital Image Technician)

Probably one of the most important job on a film production. This person is in charge of immediately transferring the camera footage to a hard drive for an external backup.

12. PD Shooter (Producer/Director Shooter)

Someone who can produce and direct a shoot, whilst operating a camera.

There you have it! Let us know if we missed any important ones in the comments.

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