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These royalty free jazz stock music tracks include everything from swing to fusion and will have you tapping your feet to the beat. These music tracks are perfect for films and point-of-sale projects.


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Any of the tracks in this stock music collection is guaranteed to enhance the moods in your film and TV scenes, YouTube vlogs and creative videos with the instantly identifiable sound of jazz music. Elegant, sophisticated and swinging, this collection of jazz styles encompasses not only the main traits attributed to the genre, but there’s several subgenres that combine all kinds of styles. Whether you need a romantic jazz instrumental for your passionate scene or want to add a classy vibe to your mystery-themed video by mixing the swing and harmony of jazz with eerie melodies and tense rhythms, this collection has it all! The top quality tracks in this copyright free selection are not only cheap and easy to acquire the licenses to, but they are also at an even level with the music in big budget Hollywood productions. If you want to make your video projects sound legitimate and stand out, then buy a license for any of these soundtrack music scores and see how your audience praises your content for its classy and sophisticated sound! The sounds from the horns, drums, guitars, bass and piano that pulsate in this selection are guaranteed to make your creative videos feel as smooth as silk.